Many hands make light work, let’s all do a little so together we can achieve a lot!

We need you!

Volunteers are needed across all stalls - specifically between 11am and 1pm, so if you have more time to give or feel you are better suited to another stall, then please feel free to register at any of the other stalls.

Stall Convenors have been busy preparing for the Fete, and need volunteers to help on the big day. Not sure what's involved? Check out the What to Expect? section at the bottom of this page.

If you are able to help, find your preferred stall below and register your interest in the link provided:

What to expect?

Artisan Markets

Come and join us inside at the Artisan Market. If you can sell something, then you're the person for us!

All the items are made and ready for purchase, prices will be clearly marked so you will only be collecting sales via cash or eftpos.

So come inside and enjoy the calm while you get to know your Joey's community.

Convenors: Natalie Collins & Michelle King-Martin who will provide assistance throughout the day.

Bake & Sweet Stall

The hard work of baking and set up has all been done. We just require half an hour (or an hour if you can spare it) of your time to help collect the money from the sales of our home-made treats!

We don’t require you to have any special skills or talents, just bring a smile and be ready to have a great time. If adding up isn’t your thing, feel free to use your phone or we will have a calculator or two available.

We are lucky to have a few convenors, so you will not be left alone – there will always be someone to ask a question of. It’s a fun and rewarding day in the Bake & Sweet Stall – we have a good vibe and there’s a steady stream of customers all day - so always someone to chat to.

We love showcasing what the Joey’s community can do – we have some talented bakers and sweet makers.

Convenors: Carissa Free & Jacqui Freeman who will provide assistance throughout the day.

Drinks Stall 

The Drinks Stall is a super easy stall to help out on. All we do is sell the drinks.

Volunteers may be asked to help with selling drinks, shuttling under the year 5/6 classrooms for more drinks and/or ice and handling simple amounts of money while selling.

Depending on how busy we are at the time, maybe take a wheelbarrow of drinks out to the busy areas of the fete for sale, eg the big rides or the stalls away from the multimarked court. 

That's it! So please if you can spare some time, sign up, we'd love your help on the day!

Convenors: Bernard and Jess MacNaught who will be there throughout the day for support.

Hot Foods

Volunteers will be asked to either flip burgers on the BBQ, hop on the deep fryer to cook dagwood dogs & hot chips or work the front counter to take orders. No previous experience required and full support will be provided all day to assist volunteers in cooking and selling the food.

Convenors: Ryan McVeigh & Richard Harding who will provide assistance throughout the day.

Lucky Duck Game Stall

Volunteers will be selling tickets for the game and accept pre-purchased tickets (prices will be marked). Every one is a winner int this stall and prizes are determined on how numbers collected from each duck.

Convenor: Samantha Rose who will provide assistance throughout the day.

Plants Stall

Volunteers will be selling plants that are potted and ready to go.  Collecting sales via cash or eftpos. Prices will be clearly marked and the stall is set up the day before. 

Convenor: Jack Wisse & Jay Gray who will provide assistance throughout the day.

Rides & Passes Stall

Volunteeers will be selling pre-purchased ride passes and game passes as well as single tickets. Cash and eftpos will be accepted.

Convenor: Deanne Wheeler & Melissa Hedger who will provide assistance throughout the day.