St Joseph's Fete is the largest fundraising event for St Joseph's Catholic Primary School and Parish community.

Sponsorship delivers visibility, value for money, and connects you directly to real potential customers and associates your brand with a great cause. The St Joseph's Fete Sponsorship team and Fete Committee have created numerous ways to promote your business leading up to the event, on the day, as well as post event. The sponsorship packages contain plenty of opportunity to market to the community and we will work with you throughout all stages to achieve maximum results.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is renowned for it's local community support with our families showing a keen interest in ensuring this support is upheld. Our Fete Sponsorship doesn't stray from this, our goal is to support local business and give back to our community so it can continue to thrive.

The support you are showing us, the opportunities you are helping provide to our children and our community is invaluable and very appreciated.

We look forward to working with you!

Fete Sponsorship Coordinator
M 0409 274 385
E PBRAPnF_FeteSponsorship@bne.catholic.edu.au