Kids of all ages make sure you visit the show rides on the basketball courts and the top car park this fete. We will have 7 AWESOME rides this year including:

Ride Passes

The early bird gets the discount!

Lock in a great deal by pre-purchasing your Ride Passes before the 8pm cut-off time the day before the Fete. Your passes entitle you to unlimited rides all day (where the age/height requirements are met).

Note: all pre-purchased passes will be available for collection by an adult on Fete Day.

More info on Rides:

Storm : Featuring breathtaking flashes of color, with a lightening fast action; 24 passengers experience an explosion of excitement with two ultra quick gravity fed spins!
(Min height: 120cm)
Miami Trip : A hair-raising experience for thrill-seekers, as they are rotated in a awesome clockwise and anti-clockwise circular motion at speed!
(Min height: 125cm)

Cup and Saucer:
 This could be just your cup of tea! Get the whole family in one of these oversized-cups on this whirling, twirling attraction.
(Min height: 100cm to ride alone; Min height: 80cm with an adult)

Dodgem Cars:
Strap yourselves in and be on the lookout for crazy drivers! A formula one for family-friendly fun and bumper-to bumper action for all ages.
(Min height: 120cm to drive; Min height: 90cm may ride as a passenger)

Super Slide: Everyone loves the feeling on the breeze in their hair as they scoot down the multi-coloured lanes of the Super Slide.
(Min height: 100cm to ride alone; Min height: 80cm with an adult)

Round Up: Stand against the wall of the ride and hang on. As the ride starts spinning and lifting, the forces pushes you back and the screaming gets louder.
(Min height: 120cm)

Rock Climbing Wall:
 See who's King of the Mountain on this rock climbing adventure. Take up the challenge - reach for the top and climb the wall!
(Min weight: 20kgs - Max weight 100kgs)